Black is the color of objects that do not reflect light in any part of the visible spectrum.

Halt (from German: stop) can refer to:

In computing, especially assembly language, a halt or stop command is a directive to cease the execution of a task. Some form of intervention is then required to start a process. In Unix halt is the command to shut down the computer.




  • Julia  On novembris 20, 2007 at 8:00

    Labdien. Mani sauc Juulija Brokere. Es straadaaju Riigas televiizijas un Radi Akademijaa. No 26.novambra pie mums notiks divu nedeelyu apmaaciiba, tieshi cilveekiem, kas nodarbojas ar blogiem. Pasniegs Natsha Gersona no Hollandes, kura ir gan blogu specialiste, gan zhurnaliste, gan rakstniece.
    Ja ir interese, varu atsuutiit uz meilupasniedzeejas CV un kursa programmu.


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